I look forward to Jessica’s class - time to stretch, breathe and feel whole. She is a wonderful teacher!
— Amy DeMartine

After a session of Gyrotonic I don’t feel sweaty or fatigued. I do, however, feel refreshed, energised and move with so much more freedom. It’s helped me recover from major surgery both physically and psychologically. I look forward to every session. Jessica has endless patience and has a natural approach to teaching Gyrotonic.
— Hywel Williams

“A Gyrokinesis class isn’t easy to describe...a sequence of movements, yoga without holds. You arch, curl, dive and reverse and think ‘this is bonkers’! However, what I am certain about is how I feel at the end of the class. I’m 5ft and size 14, but I leave class feeling 6ft and size 8- my posture is brilliant, spine ‘open’ and I feel a whole body lightness. Seriously, you just need to go to one class and experience this routine and I guarantee you will be as addicted as I am (and now my husband joins me too)!”
— Sue Tolley

As a beginner to Gyrokinesis, I was unsure what to expect but I was interested in the class. From the beginning of our first class I loved Gyrokinesis instantly. The flow and sequence of movements is so easy to follow and feels very natural and rhythmic to your own breathing. Jessica is a very thorough and naturally talented teacher. She talks you through every sequence in depth, explains the benefits, helps with body position and has an impressive knowledge of the body and how it works. After each class I left feeling a little taller, energised and full of positivity :)
I would recommend Jessica and Gyrokinesis to anyone as it suitable to all abilities and ages.
— Sam Mason

I love my (early!) Saturday morning Gyrokinesis session with Jessica. I started out of curiosity, as my husband had been going to Jessica for Gyrotonic, and because I wanted to try something new to compliment my spinning and yoga regime. For me, gyrokinesis is a blend of movement and breathing, and has an emphasis on lengthening and loosening the body and particularly the spine through flowing movements. It can be very physical, and can also be very gentle and relaxing. Our session is really good fun, but it is obvious that Jessica has a depth of knowledge about gyrokinesis, and the body’s anatomy. She is a great demonstrator and is also very hands on- so I know what I am doing, and how it should be making me feel. The hour of gyrokinesis leaves me energised and physically refreshed. I try to build a bit of arch and curl into my day now, as it feels so good. Do give gyrokinesis a try!
— Zoë Williams