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Balanced, Open


Nova Tide is a welcoming environment where you will be challenged to find deep, internal connections that will give you strength to sustain yourself in your everyday life while encouraging you to open up so you can move more freely.  Movement can heal the body and centre the mind leaving you balanced, open and energised.

"Since we live, work, and play from within our bodies, we must look after them and keep moving".  (JSW)




The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a unique method that uses specialised equipment to support the body to work beyond its current capabilities developing more freedom of movement, functional strength and agility. Regardless of age or ability, Gyrotonic will improve movement efficiency, enhance wellbeing and help to achieve your fitness goals. 

 The Gyrotonic Pulley Tower is highly adjustable, so it can be tailored to fit each individual and supports the joints to move through increased range of motion without jarring or compression. It is a system that has become widely used by professional athletes like Andy Murray and Roger Federer to increase flexibility and maintain stability in the joints.



GYROKINESIS® classes are dynamic and work the body through rhythmic sequences to open up energy pathways, increase range of motion and develop core strength. Circular flowing movements, challenging floor exercises, and focussed breath work centre the body leaving you balanced, open and energised.

Gyrokinesis is part of the wider Gyrotonic Expansion System and functions as it's mat component (no machines), though interestingly, this is where the work began.  It's a deeply healing method and is accessible to all. Whether you're someone recovering from injury, wishing to give your wellness a boost, or an elite athlete striving to enhance performance, Gyrokinesis will prepare your body and bolster your efforts to fulfill your ambitions. 



With a holistic approach to the Pilates method, classes are focussed on Breathing, Elongation, Decompression, Postural Alignment, Joint Stability and Dynamic Core Strength.